img_73301Step 1: Initial Consultation.  This free 10-minute consultation is your first step toward deciding if the program is right for you.  During this time, we’ll briefly discuss your current habits with nutrition and fitness and your general goal for services.  If not completed already, this time may be used to complete the Readiness Questionnaire to gauge your readiness for change.

Step 2: Complete forms.  I need to have an accurate picture of where you are now in order to plan the best steps to meet your goals and help you stay on track.  With these forms, it is a judgement free zone!  Please be honest and as accurate as possible.

Comprehensive Information Questionnaire -This form is for those new to exercise, not currently exercising regularly, or adding an exercise or personal training package

Condensed Information Questionnaire – Condensed option is for those who have been exercising consistently (at least 3 days/week) for the past 3 months

Kitchen Makeover Questionnaire

Three Day Dietary Record

Step 3: Comprehensive Consultation.  Within a few days of receiving your forms, I will review them and we will meet to discuss.  During this time, we will also take initial body composition measurements, performance assessments, and photos to track your progress.  We will also use this time to discuss outcome goals and service package.  You will leave this consultation with 1 or 2 “healthy habits” to practice until our next consultation.

Step 4: Goal-Setting.  Ideally, our next consultation would occur the following week.  We will discuss the “healthy habits” from the previous consultation and outline an initial set of behavioral goals that are in-line with your outcome goals.  These behavioral goals will become new habits and will evolve based on feedback and progress.  We will also setup our schedule for further consultations and progress assessments.

Step 5: Weekly/Bi-Weekly Consultation.  The type and frequency of consultation will vary from person to person.  Progress assessments including body composition measurements should occur every 2-4 weeks with an in-person consultation.  Weekly check-ins may be advised or can be requested and may take place in-person, by email, or by phone.  During these consultations, we will discuss progress, assess behavior goals and habits, troubleshoot any issues, and make changes if needed.  If you’ve chosen a personal training package, more frequent sessions will be needed.

Step 6: Improve/Maintain.  Once you’ve reached your outcome goal(s), you may be ready for maintenance or have a new goal in mind.  We hope you’ll be happy with meeting your goals, but also be ready to set some new ones.  With new goals in mind, we’ll discuss how a new plan will look different from the goals that you have just met.  If maintenance is your next step, you’ll be prepared with the habits that you’ve formed, but we recommend check-in consultations approximately every 2 months to make sure you’re happy with where you are.