Nutrition Coaching

Initial Consultation (10 minutes)– Briefly discuss current nutrition/exercise habits and goals for progress, introduce service packages and program to see if it’s right for you, review forms for completion before comprehensive consultation


First Month Start Up

-First month includes:

  • comprehensive consultation (45-60 minutes)– Review client information, kitchen makeover assessment, and three-day dietary record; complete body composition measurements, performance benchmarks, and initial photographs; discuss and identify outcome goals; establish 1-2 individualized “healthy habits” to begin
  • goal-setting session (30-60 minutes)-Outline behavioral goals in-line with outcome goal, identify number of habits to address weekly, set target dates for habits and behavioral goals, set schedule of check-ins for further appointments
  • and two (2) check-ins (20-30 minutes)-Each check-in is individualized based on habits, goals, and progress.  These are client-focused, meaning you drive the direction of discussion and the areas to be addressed.  These may include dietary analysis based on report or tracking, discussion of progress with the established healthy habits and/or troubleshoot any issues or barriers, identification of trigger foods and possible replacements, preparing for the upcoming week, establishing routine or adjusting routine to better meet goals, etc.  One check-in each month will include body composition and performance assessments to track progress.

First Month Start-Up: $145

After your first month, choose between one of the packages below:

*It is recommended that check-ins during the first month occur in person. Following the first month, you may choose other options for check-ins including in-person, phone call, text, email, video-call, or a combination of formats based on your needs and ease of access.

Weekly Check-Ins

$99/month – 4 Total Per Month – 2 in-person and 2 virtual (phone call, email, video-call)

Bi-Weekly Check-Ins

$60/month – 2 Total Per Month – both in person (unless other format is agreed upon)

Stand-Alone Check-In (60 minutes)

  • Individualized and client-focused, but may include session in an alternate location to focus on kitchen makeover, grocery shopping education, cooking lesson, time management, budgeting, meal-planning, macronutrient education, tracking, etc.  The intensive check-in is longer in length and takes an in-depth approach to focusing on one specific area with an instructive overhaul.


 *Other nutrition programs range in price from $180-$400/month with a minimum 12 month commitment and sometimes no progress check-ins included.  Eclectic Wellness offers in-person accountability and assessment tracking at a more affordable rate.  Try it.  See the difference.  See the progress.*

Personal TrainingRoanoke Valley CrossFit

All training sessions are 1 hour in length which includes warm up and mobility.  Focus of the session relating to endurance, strength, sport-focused or combination will be based on client’s goals discussed during first session and will be adjusted based on progress and feedback during future training sessions.

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Corporate Wellness

Seminar – Available for corporate seminars focused on implementing habits to improve health and overall wellness.

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Corporate Wellness Challenge – Interested in hosting a corporate wellness challenge? This challenge encourages healthy habits with your employees by earning points for water intake, eating healthy vegetables, and getting daily activity. Take the guesswork out of your next wellness challenge and contact us for a quote.

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